Blind & Blues Bound

CD Release:
"Blind & Blues Bound" is now available from our Online Store.

CD Release Date: "Blind & Blues Bound" should be released in spring 2013.

Genre: Modern Blues/Roots Blues/Blues Rock/Americana

Blind & Blues BoundThis new CD is about Dr. Izzy and her life so far; overcoming obstacles and dealing with what the world throws at you...and enjoying every moment in between the hard parts! The music combines straight Blues with Rock, and adds elements of traditional acoustic Blues, with just a bit of funk here and there permeating the mix as well. It has emotionally charged lyrics reflecting dark sides and uplifting light sides. It is vocally driven, and guitar driven; both taking the listener to many intriguing places. It has modern blues sounds mixed with roots blues sounds. The main emphasis here is the unique and high quality vocal sound of Dr. Izzy. Her female voice is a strong and compelling match to Robert's harder edged guitar tone. But don't let that fool you into thinking you have it figured out yet...there are acoustic tunes that will take you back to the origins of the Blues and even further. This is different, and at the same time familiar!

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