CD review of "Blind & Blues Bound" just in from THE ROCKER in the UK. Excerpts:

"This album ranges over genres...but it always has a blues root as befits a record that James Cotton and Otis Taylor pop up on...I don't know whether Dr Izzy is a real doctor, or whether she's a doctor in the same way that Professor Longhair was a professor, but I do know that she hails from Texas, went blind aged nine, but is one of those infuriating people who maintains a positive spin on things. Her main backing band here is guitarist Robert Morrison, Larry Thompson on drums, and Kenny Passarelli on bass, Hammond organ, and piano. And they put in a sterling shift. The best songs pop up early on, with the opening 'Matches Don't Burn Memories' a corker, pushed along by James Cotton and his ever splendid harmonica. With Otis Taylor on banjo, 'Old Black Crow' head off into roots rock territory, and then there is 'One Last Walk', which shines like an old soul tune.
Vocally, Dr Izzy has a unique style...it's certainly worth taking a chance on."