Fireworks Magazine U.K. CD review

This review in Fireworks Magazine U.K. was supposed to be posted a while back but got overlooked by someone who doesn't always update the website like he should! (I wonder whom that would be?) Anyway, there will be an actual INTERVIEW in the same magazine coming up soon. In the interview Dr. Izzy and I talk about some things that fans ask about often, so stay tuned for that, um K!




"Teaming up with guitarist and song writer Robert Morrison, Dr. Izzy has made this Blues Rock flavored effort, covering a variety of moods and topics. Izzy possesses a strong, clear voice which sounds great on the harmonica drenched rocker 'Matches Don't Burn Memories' which also features Grammy winner James Cotton providing the effective Blues harp stabs. 'Soul Dance' is more acoustic and far darker lyrically, about a person being diagnosed with cancer. 'Earth Bound'...great electric Blues guitar riffing while 'Old Black Crow' harks back to a classic Delta Blues style. 'Passion's Not a Crime' features one of Izzy's best vocals on the record and it is the standout ballad. 'Hang Tough' is another standout for me with a great swagger about it and a cool riff. It's a solid collection of Blues themed songs, well performed and well sung. An impressive debut – it may be too bluesy for some of our readership but if you like the genre there is much to appreciate "- James Gaden, Fireworks Magazine U.K. (Feb 24, 2014)