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Dr. Izzy at the DickensBlind & Blues Bound - Dr. Izzy Band - New release review

I just received the newest release, Blind & Blues Bound, from Dr. Izzy Band and it's got spunk. Opening with Matches Don't Burn Memories, featuring Dr. Izzy on vocals and James Cotton ripping some great harp riffs over a solid 60's style guitar rocker. Sounding at times like Nugent or Marino, Robert Morrison cranks on the guitar. Soul Dance has a sultry feel of an 18th century ballad as articulated by the Brits in the 60's. A cool retro style track with violin and a crisp guitar solo. Been Long Time Comin' is built around a standard blues riff but with arpeggios. The Dr. has a clean vocal attack and Morrison over tracks his guitar solo's nicely creating an interesting weave. Earth Bound has a bit more sting with searing electric guitar work. A heavy bottom on this track gives it a Mountain like feel but Morrison's guitar work is succinct and different from Wests. Old Black Crow features Otis Taylor with a more modern but country R&B feel. Interesting twist. One Last Walk is a slow bluesy ballad with soulful vocals and a solid guitar line. Very nice. Mama Said has a down home country folk found with basic acoustic guitar, fiddle and vocals. Passion's Not A Crime is a solid country style vocal ballad with R&B basis. Nice backing and Muscle Shoals like guitar riffs compliment this track. Dirt Bed is my favorite track on the release with a bottom heavy (When the Levee Breaks) feel. Cool! Hang Tough has an interesting blend of rock, country, funk and pop. Likely the most radio track on the release with just the right kind of guitar riff to set it off. It's Been Real has a blended rock/reggae feel with 80's anthem overtones. Your Redeemer, a quiet but strong vocal blended ballad wraps the release trimmed only by light acoustic guitar.