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12/5/13 Radio promo blurb

This is the promo blurb that Radio stations are now seeing about The Dr. Izzy Band:

"Blind & Blues Bound" ... Dr. Izzy ...Texas ...blind "...intensity ...good pitches ...a lot of passion" (Bruce Iglauer, President - Alligator Records) Izzy began to go blind at age nine. She started singing in clubs and festivals at age 18. Later became a chiropractor ... 2002 met husband and band mate (guitarist) Robert Morrison...returned to singing ...started writing ... met Kenny Passarelli (Joe Walsh, Elton John, Dan Fogelberg) and Larry Thompson (drums, John Denver, Dan Fogelberg, Jill Sobule) ...guests James Cotton & Otis Taylor ...produced by Kenny Passarelli "...solid song structure ...confidence ...good taste ...a pleasure." (Bruce Iglauer) ...subjects alcoholism, abuse, cancer survival, and personal relationships ...trials and tribulations ...Izzy's life ..."Blind and Blues Bound."

11/30/13 Denver's Westword Magazine Review

Thought we would let fans know that we just found out about a nice review by Jon Slomon in Denver's Westward Magazine on Thanksgiving Day! "The title of Dr. Izzy Band's debut, Blind & Blues Bound, perfectly encapsulates this group's sound. Throughout the twelve-song disc, frontwoman Dr. Izzy, who was born in Texas with full vision but began to go blind at the age of nine, clearly has a strong affinity for the blues. On the fiery opener, "Matches Don't Burn Memories," which also features blues harmonica legend James Cotton, Dr. Izzy digs in, recalling some of Lucinda Williams's grittier efforts...While Dr. Izzy has no problem powering through the heavy blues of "Earth Bound," she's equally compelling on the slower, more soulful cuts, such as "One Last Walk." Slainte, Robert

11/25/13 More radio airplay

The Dr. Izzy Band is thrilled to have been part of the Wolfman Radio Crossroads show today. We are humbled to be played along with such notable artists. Our thanks go out to FourFingers Lightning for the airplay. It seems that the song "Been a Long Time Comin" is also very popular on Jango Radio. We're pleased that so many can apparently relate to the lyrical subject of this song.

11/23/13 Dr. Izzy in Fireworks Magazine

Big news; The Dr. Izzy Band will be featured in issue #62 of Fireworks Magazine out of the UK! Here is a link to check out the Magazine. We will post about this again just before the issue is released. http://www.rocktopia.co.uk/index.php?option=com_magazine&Itemid=142

11/12/13 Publicity deal announced!

The Dr. Izzy Band is pleased to announce the signing of a publicity deal with Two Side Moon Promotions in the United Kingdom! Big things are just around the corner for the band as we prepare for a UK tour this coming year. Does everyone have their passports in order?...

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