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5-14-13; CD Is Mastered!

After stomping out all kinds of minor "fires" and jumping through numerous hoops, the CD "Blind and Blues Bound" is finally mastered!  Special thanks to Jonathan Russell at Masterfonics in Nashville for a great job. And thanks to Co-Producer Clark Hagan for recommending him and arranging it. The Master will go out for duplication and packaging tomorrow. What a great feeling this is to have come this far. Izzy can't wait to have a packaged CD in her hands. The CD's should be available for sale her on the website in just two short weeks.

Now, we are totally focused on live performances...stay tuned....

2/9/13 Another song added to CD!

It is now official - Another song has been added to the CD! We had been working on an acoustic song before the holidays, but weren't sure how it would turn out. When we played a demo for producer Kenny he loved it. We finished recording it at Ebony House Studios with the help of The Blind Guy (alias Nelson Reiser) using his mobile recording unit, then we played it for producer Clark. Clarks approves of the final recording quality and loves the song too, so its a GO! It is the only song on the CD that has me singing along with Izzy; quite a different approach, but it works and we can't wait to mix this one. Hell, we can't wait to mix them all!!

Slainte Maith,




The CD is scheduled to be mixed starting February 18! Then mastering at Masterphonics in Nashville, duplication & packaging...RELEASE! We are currently looking into getting some Dr. Izzy T-Shirts designed and made that will be available here on the website. Live gigs are being lined up and will be posted soon on the "Calendar" page. We can't wait to start playing this new material live!


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